Happy to match the rates of any local trainer with equivalent qualifications and experience


Mobile training means no premises and so low overheads and that means prices can be kept lower too.  In these tough economic times, prices have been designed to be affordable and competitive. Prices are based on £22.50 hourly rate

  • Initial session £29 lasts 1.5 hours (£4.75  discount based on £22.50 hourly rate)

  • Subsequent individual lessons an hour  £22.50

  • Reduced prices for blocks of lessons:

    -3 sessions, total 3.5 hours £65 (£13.75 discount based on £22.50 hourly rate). Most popular option. Start to address and see improvement in behavioural issues or for basic training this can include everything covered in group classes and also include application on walk

    -5 sessions, total 5.5 hours £99 (£24.75 discount based on £22.50 hourly rate) . For those who have more complex behavioural issues or want more extensive basic training, including on walks

    PUPPY TRAINING CLASSES-group classes of approx 8 dogs £42.50

FREE Personal Training Plan individually designed for you and your dog when you book a block of 3 lessons.

Prices include travel within the Middlesbrough area.  Some additional travel costs may be added outside of this area depending on location. Travel is in my own time. Please ask for a quote


Text or phone 07 999 555 353

2 thoughts on “Prices

  1. Hi there do you do any training classes? i would be more interested in that as she can be a bit more boisterous in class rather that alone int he house. i have a 15 month old bullmastiff girl. she has got basic commands down just need a bit if guidance with how to stop her greeting people at the door in such a manner that she can be too much to handle (no aggression)

  2. Hi Sorry I missed you post. I offer a mobile 1-2-1 service where I can help you address this issue where it happens, ie at your home where she she has the problem with greeting people which you may find more helpful than in a class situation which covers a range of general training. It is just the sort of issue I deal with. If you would like to know more I’d be happy to discuss further Kind regards Nicky

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