1-2-1 Puppy Programme

Dogs are like children, they learn best when they are young, so it really is a case of the sooner the better when it comes to training.

It is really important to create a great training relationship with your puppy at the earliest age possible and lay the foundations for a happy  future life together. This should include learning how to communicate and play with your puppy, start your training using reward based methods and ensure your pup is properly socialised  Think of it as a ‘Doggy Surestart’

In addition advice can be given on house training, puppy biting, jumping up at visitors etc

Personal Puppy Development Plans include home visits before and/or after your puppy is allowed out with others and covers early training and socialisation.  It may also cover issues such as crate training and/or how to start leaving your puppy alone.

A single initial session may include whichever aspects interest or concern you such as:

  • getting your puppy to respond to you
  • learning through play
  • teaching your puppy using rewards 
  • stopping puppy biting
  • advice on house training
  • choosing a good dog food
  • dealing with jumping up

This can be a great foundation for those who want to go on to do group classes and gives your puppy a real ‘headstart’.  Cost is £29 for 90 minutes (a £4.75 reduction on cost of 90 minutes at usual hourly rate of £22.50)

A block of 3 sessions would also include starting basic training such as

  • sit,
  • down,
  • coming back to you (recall)
  • walking on lead,
  • learning how to be calm
  • leave
  • grooming

This would cover the areas of training included in course at most clubs for beginners/puppies and would total 3.5 hours one to one with you.

Cost would be £65 paid at the end of the first session or £29 then two payments at the hourly rate of £22.50.



2 thoughts on “1-2-1 Puppy Programme

  1. I really need help training my dog with toilet training .. we walk him twice a day and let him out every couple of hours he’s comes back in from walk and wees and poos in house he’s 6month old show cocker spaniel. He also doesn’t listen to what I say to him on walks he’ll run off to other dogs because he loves to play but when I say no or shout his name he doesn’t listen. Also in the house when he’s doing something naughty and I say no he just growls and goes to bite not viciously but he’s uncontrollable but such a happy dog and loves attention

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