Meet the Dog Trainer

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How it began

Nicky first  got involved with  dog training over 35 years ago, after getting her first rescue dog a 6 month miniature poodle, who though adorable came with quite a few behavioral issues. After enrolling at a local pet dog club, she found how quickly good dog training can help all sorts of problems and also how enjoyable training can-and should-be made for the dog and owner and the training bug was well and truly caught!

Around 15 years ago she  began instructing herself by helping out at a pet dog club, particularly individuals with a problem to address and since helped many others in and outside of club settings on a one to one basis. This has included a variety of breeds, including rescue dogs.  Nicky is also currently a trainer and secretary at a dog club in  Middlesbrough.

Nicky has taken a particular interest in motivational training, including  clicker training which she offers as an option for pet owners.  Both her own dogs are clicker trained

Track record
Aside from pet dog training Nicky also enjoys competitive obedience with her own two Border Collies, with the elder dog, Splodge, winning up the classes to now compete in the highest class in Open Obedience competitions Nicky and Splodge were selected to represent the North of England in their obedience team at Crufts in 2012. The youngest, Biffy,  has not long started out, but much enjoying his training and has already started his winning ways. In the past, Nicky has also competed in agility, but nowadays prefers to concentrate on the challenges offered by obedience.

Nicky is a qualified  Pet Dog Training Instructor through the International Animal Behaviour Training Centre  (Merit/Distinction).
So much about dog training is actually about teaching the owners and she obtained qualification as a adult tutor in 2001 (ATACE).
She has also studied learning theories at both under-graduate an post-graduate level.
Nicky has achieved Clicker and Target levels 1 & 2 (C &T, 1 & 2) and passed the practical element of C & T 3.
For Continued Professional Development Nicky is  a full member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors’  scheme-member working towards accreditation.
Keeping up with new ideas is also important and as well as many hours of personal research and courses, Nicky regularly trains with her own dogs with some of the nation’s top trainers.

 Motivation for Canine Coach
Over the years many have suggested that Nicky combine her love of dogs and training with a business, helping others with their dogs, but until recently other commitments have prevented this. This led to the launch Canine Coach, offering a mobile dog training service  for pet owners, with few overheads and consequently lower prices. 

Covering Middlesbrough and Teesside (including Thornaby. Stockton, Ingleby Barwick, Yarm, Stokesley, Normanby, Eston, Teesville, Redcar, etc)

Some fun bits with my dogs

Fun stuff with clicker training with Biffy at 4 months

Into the sea and back again

Mr Splodge showing off his ‘Distance control’

Puppy Biffy 5 months learning a ‘Send Away’
(aim is for dog to run through front cones and drop down just in front of back cone, ‘good’ means he get a reward)

Teaching young pup restraint and food manners using an ‘island’

Ready steady….go – and of course come back

Posting Letter to Santa

Biffy Learning to Skateboard

Splodge’s Basketball Training

Biffy Learning Roll Over

Biffy’s 1st go at Flyball

Clicker Training a Chicken


Play rewards in obedience



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